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Love is what we need
Love is what we have to feed
Love is amazing
Love is hypnotizing
Love is can bring people together
It causes a family, with a mother and father
Love fills me up
And sometimes
Brings me
:iconmscreeptales:MsCreeptales 2 0
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How to summon my creepypasta characters part 1
Lizzie No Good
    1.      Draw a operator symbol with a circle around the edges [I will upload a drawing of what it should look like], it must be with a black marker
    2.      Object 1: a knife, unused before and the tip MUST face north
    3.      Object 2: a black rose
    4.      Object 3: black lace
    5.      Object 4:  a white bunny plush, must look like it is looking at the knife
    6.      Grab a vanilla scented candle and light it
    7.      Sit in the middle with the candle
    8.      Say “Lizzie, my dear, come bring me to hell”
The hunt begins, she will watch you for a week and if you are horrible,
:iconmscreeptales:MsCreeptales 1 0
The Stitched Maid
            One day, there was a woman, whose family was very poor. She decided to become a maid for one of the richest families in the state. The family she worked for was the Fallheart family. The Fallheart family contained a mother, father, a daughter and two sons. The mother was snooty and wouldn’t even call the maid by their name, she would just call them “maid” and the kids were spoiled rotten and would through their food at the maid and just treated all the maids  like a dogs. One day, the maid was washing the bathroom, when the father came in, drunk.
    “Dolly, you have to be the most beautiful woman in town, how come you are working as a maid” the father said.
    Dolly brushed some red hair out of her face and said “My family is very poor, we lost most of our money to the Valéry family, and after my grandmother died and we found out she owned a lot of money to
:iconmscreeptales:MsCreeptales 10 12
Splendor man drawing by MsCreeptales Splendor man drawing :iconmscreeptales:MsCreeptales 3 3


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I have some St Patrick's Day knee socks, they have dark and light green stripes and have a glittery buckle, so cute
I have decide to not make a squeal to "This Game is Over" but a prequel to it
Just had a weird dream, it was like I was indistrutable, but had a different counterpart that looked like me, but was really stupid and my bullies tried to kill her, that was the weirdest dreams I had in a while
Bored, bored, and more bored, is anyone alive on this site
I walked out in public with a bunny headband and said "I am wearing bunny ears, and I am rocking them" ;p
Looks like my old friend is back and she blocked me, meh, not that surprising 
Hey, i'm doing art trades, anyone want to trade ;p
I wanted to ask if I should post my lego creations, I make a lot and I think some of them look pretty creative 
If my friend reads this I want you to know that I haven't been offended by anything you say, and you haven't done anything wrong
YAY, thank you all for 3,000 views, love you all :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
I swear, most of the guys at my school are complete perverts
I am feeling much better today, much less stress 
Nobody tell me that I am a bully, okay, I am not, and don't tell me what she is saying, I don't care, I want to talk to people who now what bullying actually is, okay
I want to apologize to someone, but I don't want to say there name but they know who they are, I am sorry if I don't respond to you anymore, I can't have someone whose first instinct when someone makes a mean joke to call other to give hate to them, I am sorry, I can't take having you anymore, you think friend are always by your side in everything and will never disagree with you, but you are wrong
I am so hurt right now, I just want my friend to talk to me, but she won't even say my name when referring to me
As I said before NO FIGHTING ON MY FORUM POSTS, okay thanks
Okay, I will try the restaurant thing again, NO FIGHTING JUST IGNORE THEM, please I really like doing it and don't want to close it again
I have so many mixed emotions right now
if you met a creepypasta. Say that creepypasta in the comment and then write your reaction. You can also ask me what my reaction would be to certain characters.


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Eleanor Creeptales
United States
Hello everyone, I write creepypasta and love horror. I do dark poetry and horrible drawings in paint. I make jewelry and key chains. I would love it if any artist out there would draw my characters since I do a horrible job of it.


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Noctis-Corvus Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave on my symbols piece!
Which one do you like the best? I can tell you what each one is if you tell me which one is your fave...

Thanks again, and have a great day! : )
MsCreeptales Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant
Thanks, and I don't know I like all of them ;p
Noctis-Corvus Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
but then I can't tell you which one you'd be for... hm...
MsCreeptales Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Which one I would be?
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MarySue1964 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
If you would like to comment on this journal Comment for a Feature , then I can feature 3 images from your gallery in the journal. Then if you see anything you like in my gallery, then you can make a similar journal featuring 3 images from my gallery and invite other members to comment so you can feature their art as well.
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MsCreeptales Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant
No problem
catname Featured By Owner 4 days ago
*read Your tag line*

Half demon You say? So what is another half? Or a are You existing as half creature? So intriguing!! ^w^~ 
MsCreeptales Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
Half creature, I have half the powers of a demon 
catname Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Gain or born if I may ask?
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